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8111 River Dragon is an Exo-Force-themed set released in 2008. It includes 115 pieces and a minifigure, Ha-Ya-To.


The River Dragon has a red and black colour scheme. In the left hand, the River Dragon holds a hand gun that can fire a flick missile and in the other hand, a turret. Underneath the cockpit are two yellow flick missiles. Unlike some of the other sets, the minifigure in the cockpit can sit down. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

This dragon is ready for battle!

With oversized turbines for high-speed amphibious action, Ha-Ya-To's new battle machine is ready to fight the robots on land, in the air and beneath the water! The mighty River Dragon features dragon scale camouflage armor and a transforming mini-robot weapon.

  • River Dragon is over 5" (13 cm) tall!
  • Includes Ha-Ya-To pilot minifigure!

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