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8112 Battle Arachnoid is an Exo-Force-themed set released in 2008. It includes 123 pieces and one minifigure, a Devastator.


The set consists of the Battle Arachnoid, a six-legged battle machine piloted by a single Devastator. Like many other Exo-Force sets released that year, it features a detachable brick-built robot built into the model's design, which can snap off and be used independently. The cockpit of the Battle Arachnoid can detach to form a small flying craft.


The Battle Arachnoid was created as a replacement of the Shadow Crawler, as the latter was unable to travel through the dense - and living - forest by the Golden City.


  • The model features two green tanks; one on the mini robot, and one on the mini ship. There is a discrepancy between images and the instructions as to which green tank the skull is supposed to go in.
  • The Spider Boss (from 55000 LEGO Universe)'s legs were inspired by the Battle Arachnoid's legs. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Striking with its armour-piercing fangs, this blast jet-powered new robot Battle Machine is a dangerous threat! Cockpit detaches to become an aerial attacker, and its weapon transforms into a mini-robot.

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