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8113 Assault Tiger is an Exo-Force-themed set released in December 2007. It includes 160 pieces and a minifigure: Takeshi.


The Assault Tiger is one of the Exo-Force team's numerous vehicles. It is armed with a large blaster and a buzz saw. Like the other Jungle Exo-Force sets, it contains a mini-robot, this one armed with two chainsaws. On it's left arm, there is a transparent blue dish piece used as a scanner. On the other is an antenna and the buzz saw. The small robot is red, with 2 chainsaws, a single eye and 2 stout feet. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Takeshi's new heavy-duty Battle Machine is armed and armored for all-out battle! With its tiger-stripe camouflage, spinning buzzsaw and transforming mini-robot weapon, it's ready to take on any foe.

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