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8162 Race Rig is a Power Racers set that was released in January 2009. It can be combined with 8163 Blue Sprinter, and includes an orange and black Racer with a Pull-Back Motor and a launcher. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Hit the button and watch this big rig go!

The Race Rig is ready to roar! Just pull back on this blazing-fast monster truck racer and lock it into its special launcher. Hit the release button and watch it blast out for a high-speed race! Race against #8163 Blue Sprinter and see who really rules the road!

  • Features iconic racing details like a spoiler, oversized tires, decals and tinted windows! Powered by pull-back motor action!
  • Race Rig measures 5" (12cm) in length!
  • Race against #8163 Blue Sprinter!

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