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8163 Blue Sprinter is a Power Racers set that was released in January 2009. It includes a blue and white car with a pull-back motor and a launcher. The Blue Sprinter itself has large tires and orange accents. Decription This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


Here comes the Blue Sprinter! Pull back on this sleek racer and lock it into its special launcher. Hit the release button, and it roars into the race at top speed! Race against #8162 Race Rig and see who’s the fastest on the track!

  • Features iconic racing details like a spoiler, oversized tires, decals and tinted windows!
  • Powered by pull-back motor action!
  • Blue Sprinter measures over 5" (12cm) in length!
  • Race against #8162 Race Rig!


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