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8191 Lavatraz is a Power Miners set released in January of 2010 in the UK. Towards the end of June 2010, it was released in the United States in Toys R Us, LEGO Shop At Home, and most LEGO stores. It is set number 16 in the series.

Included are Doc, Duke (Silver, Version 3), a Firax monster, and Eruptorr, a large Lava Monster. The set includes the new Power Miners lava-proof body armour.


  • In the description, the product profile said "Will a sneaky Infernox break Eruptorr free?". However, a Firax is included in the set, not an Infernox.
  • The name Lavatraz is a portmanteau of "Lava" and "Alcatraz", the latter of which is an infamous prison. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Lock up lava monsters at the Earth’s core!

The Power Miners have dug deeper than ever before, right down into a world of molten magma and raging lava monsters! Only their new Lavatraz underground base is strong enough to contain Eruptorr, the most powerful of the monsters…but will a sneaky Infernox help him break free? Use the firing super-cooled projectile launcher, hydro-blast rover vehicle and movable capture crane to put those pests on ice, and stop off at the built-in vending machine for a frozen snack when you’re done! Includes Infernox lava monster, giant Eruptorr monster with throwing action, and 2 Power Miners minifigures in anti-heat armor.

  • Includes Lavatraz base, Infernox lava monster, giant Eruptorr monster and 2 Power Miners!
  • Pursue lava monsters with the projectile launcher, hydro-blast rover vehicle and movable capture crane!
  • Capture cage explodes, allowing lava monsters to escape!
  • Grab an icy cold snack at the built-in vending machine!
  • Measures over 8" (20cm) tall and 8" (20cm) wide!

Minifigures Included

Duke V3 silver.jpg
Duke (Silver), (Version 3)Doc (Silver)FiraxEruptorr


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