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8199 Security Smash is a Tiny Turbos set released in January 2010, the cars included are one armored theif truck, and lime green semi truck with two cargo boxes in the back. The set also features a special LEGO Racers road baseplate T-Juction brought into LEGO in 2009. On the road is a warning sign, and a crash open gate. The acsessories included are two dollar bills. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

No one ever said driving an armored car was easy!

Storage box unfolds into an entire racing scene! With road work blocking the way, the armored car is unexpectedly rammed by a green super-truck racer! Will the crooks get away with the loot? Collect all four LEGO® Racers fold-out sets to build the ultimate racing chase, then fold it all up again when you’re done!

  • Awesome armored car and super-truck racer included!

Collect all 4 LEGO Racers sets, build an ultimate racing chase scene!



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