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8258 Crane Truck is a TECHNIC set released in 2009. It builds into a large, four axle cab-over semi tractor with a crane and fifth wheel. It contains 1877 pieces and is the third largest TECHNIC set piecewise (the largest set is 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 400). It includes a Power Function's battery box, an XL-motor and a Power Function's switch.


  • The assembly instructions are on 4 booklets, for a total of 187 steps, each of them made by up to 22 sub-steps...
  • There are four motorized functions: one to extract the supports, three for the crane movements (rotation and two elevations). The several functions are all based on the same unique motor, with mechanical gears to switch to the right effect. This makes the internal structure extremely complex and justify the huge amount of pieces.
  • One part is fully in rubber, to ensure the flexibility of the blocking part of the wire holder. It is one of the only non-plastic parts. The other non-plastic part is the hook part made fully in metal, to ensure enough weight and therefore a better stability of the hook.
  • The front steering wheels are four and have a different steering mechanism for each pair: the two front wheel turn more than the other two, taking in account the steering dynamic.
  • This set has two "pistons" that are in fact screws transforming a rotational movement into a linear one, making the piston moving slowly but strongly.
  • One fascinating part is the transmission between the truck and the crane: three movements are controlled by several rings, as shown below: Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

With built-in Power Functions, this Crane Truck always gets the job done!

When you need to move the biggest and heaviest loads, it’s time to call on the mighty crane truck! This massive, realistic vehicle includes a Power Functions control box that you can use to unfold, raise and lower its powerful, motorized crane arm, and to extend the outriggers to stabilize your cargo. Download instructions for rebuilding into a Duty Wrecker!

  • An exciting and challenging building experience with this 2-in-1 real world model!
  • Try the functionalities with the included Power Functions XL Motor, Power Functions Battery box, and Power Functions Control Switch!
  • Power Functions powers the crane arm and extendable outriggers!
  • Crane unfolds , raises and lowers and swivels 360°!
  • Cab opens to reveal interior details and V8 engine with moveable pistons!
  • Rebuilds into Duty Wrecker!
  • Crane measures 20.9 inches (53cm) x 22 inches (56cm)!


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