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8315 TDN Module is a Galidor set released in 2002.


The TDN Module itself is a single part. The other eight parts in the set are the two wings and two missiles (seen also in 8313 Nick Deluxe), and the four landing legs.


The Trans Dimensional Navigator Module was sent to Earth by Jens in order to retrieve Nick Bluetooth. It's about the size of a large car on the outside, but the interior is a massive, multi-storey structure with multiple specialized areas. Controlled by Nick's electronic map, it is partially sentient, which is how Nick is able to "glinch" (replace) its wings.

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TDN Module: Travel to the Outer Dimension!
The "egg craft" carries Nick Bluetooth to strange places and awesome adventures. Open the hatch, put your GALIDOR figure inside, and send him on a journey through the mysterious Viniculum. Plus you can detach the wings and legs and use them to Glinch your figure into a whole new shape!


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