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8136 Kek Powerizer is a Galidor set released in 2002.


The only electronic Galidor set, the Kek Powerizer is a robotic power suit with a computer game screen on its back. It includes Gorm's and Jens's heads, but otherwise its parts cannot be combined with other Galidor sets. It is the largest action figure in the line.

The game includes twenty-three missions and are controlled by sensors in the figure's torso. Moving the figure's limbs and tilting it certain ways affects the action. The Kek Powerizer can also interract with the show while it is on television, normally by creating sounds and screen animations but occasionally by activating new missions. Which head is currently used on the figure influences how it responds.


The Kek Powerizer is a mechanical suit worn by Gorm on his home world of Kek. As well as enhancing physical strength, it also increases the wearer's ability to "glinch" - change parts of their bodies into those of other creatures. It's used by Nick and Jens to destroy Gorm's power base.

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Unleash the Kek Powerizer!
The Kek Powerizer is Gorm's most awesome creation - armor that can magnify glinching energy and make its wearer all-powerful! The Kek Powerizer comes complete with 23 special missions that you can play - 7 are activated when you first place Jens' head on the Powerizer, and you unlock the rest as you play. You can even access more missions by interacting with the Galidor TV show and web site!


  • This set is the most expensive of the Galidor line.


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