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8324 Euripides is a Galidor set released in 2002.


Unusually for a Galidor set, Euripides comes with no spare limbs to switch with other sets, but he does come with an accessory - his force staff - that most sets do not include.


Despite his fearsome appearance, the 200-year-old Amphibib Euripides dislikes physical combat, and neutralizes aggressors by lifting them off the ground with his staff and leaving them hanging in the air until they settle down. One of the wisest philosophers in the Royal Court of Galidor, his age is beginning to affect his mind, and Euripides sometimes wonders if he really has anything useful to offer Nick Bluetooth's mission. He eventually determines that it is his duty to keep everyone's spirits high and morale strong. Description

Euripides: Noble and powerful Amphibib!

Euripides uses his vast mental powers to help Nick try to defeat Gorm! With his staff, Euripides can focus his mind to lift and move objects or people. Plunge into exciting adventures with this Amphibib, or combine his parts with those of other Galidor action figures to create all-new characters and creatures.

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