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8385 Exo Stealth is a Drome Racers set released in 2004. It includes 81 pieces.


The Exo-Stealth is mainly comprised of a pull-back motor, with four TECHNIC balloon tyres giving the racer locomotion. The tyres are heavily treaded and have red rims. At the front of the vehicle is a brick featuring the Exo-Force symbol and two large chrome pipes that sweep back acoss the length of the racer and trail behind the cockpit. Two-stud lights under the upper bodywork are featured, and the cockpit sits above, comprised of a new element that also has the Exo-Force symbol; behind this is a sloping part with a numeral "9".

The pull-back motor is new for 2004, and features a handle; when held while the racer's motor is wound up, the Exo Stealth will perform a "wheelie" stunt when released. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Strikes from the shadows!
The Exo Stealth off-road racer has big tires to hold the road and the power to take the checkered flag! Rigged for "silent racing," it can fly past the competition before they know it's there. New pull-back motor is so strong it can make your Exo Stealth do a wheelie! Combine it with #8383 Nitro Terminator to form a six-wheeled, twin-motored monster!



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