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8399 K-9 Bot is a Space Police III Impulse set released in August 2009. It contains one K-9 Bot, a Space Police III Officer, and a total of 22 pieces.


The brick-built robodog has a flick-fire missile weapon mounted on its back, which is fired by flicking the back of it with fingers. The officer is equipped with a loudhailer/gun and, as with other officers, wears a gray uniform with a black helmet and air tanks.


  • This set was designed by LEGO Employee Mark Stafford. The sketch model was made by Megan R.
  • On the box the missile that the robo-dog has is light green, though it is actually dark green.
  • It is included in K5974 Space Police Collection. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

The police dog of tomorrow!
Sniff out alien crooks wherever they're hiding with the Space Police K9-Bot! With a Space Police partner and flick-launching freeze ray, this robo-pooch will get the bad guys back in galactic jail in record time.

  • 1 Space Police Officer minifigure included!
  • K9-Bot features a flick fire weapon!
  • Space Police dog measures 2 inches (5.1cm) long!

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