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8400 Space Speeder is a Space Police III set released in 2009.


The Space Speeder consists of 14 pieces, one Snake minifigure and a small speeder as a vehicle.

Starting at the bottom, the vehicle has a 1x2 black handle plate joined on top with a side handle plate piece (which connects to the vehicle controls). The side handle bar plate piece joins on top to a 2x2 red plate with a pin hole this piece is also used as a seat for the minifigure piloting the vehicle. A blue Technic pin connects to the hole along with a small orange transparent flame piece sticking out from the other side of the pin (meaning to represent a rocket boaster). The controls of the vehicle are mainly made by a black minifigure utensil with a small cannon made from a Neon-green transparent stud and a telescope piece joined to the controls. Two black mechanical arms are also used to attach the controls to the vehicles body.


The Space Speeder was a small vehicle piloted by Snake to make his escape from the Space Police.


Minifigures included[] Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

The alien crook is getting away!
Alien punk ‘Snake’ is on the loose again, causing chaos in the space-lanes with his super-fast rocket bike! Can the Space Police catch him and put him back in galactic jail?

  • Alien villain 'Snake' minifigure included!
  • Rocket bike is armed with a laser cannon!
  • Vehicle including fire trail measures 3 inches (7.6cm) long!


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