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8404 Public Transport is a City Traffic set that was released in August 2010. It contains a tram, a white and lime green bus, an orange street sweeper, a yellow sports car, two stops and a kiosk. It contains six minifigures and a green bike. This set was picked by fans for release. It is recommended for children aged 6 through to 12.


The tram is unique to this set, and it bends at two separate points. It has enough seats to seat all the minifigures included in the set. The tram can also be used on LEGO train tracks. The bus is slightly bigger than the one in 7641 City Corner, and is lime green and white in colouring and has "City Transport" stickers on the back. The street sweeper has room for one minifigure, and is a slightly different colour and shape to the previous versions. There are many stickers in this set, including a map showing the route the tram takes and a timetable for the tram. The kiosk contains a little rotating postcard stand, and there is space for the bike next to it.


  • This is the second City set that has a bus. The first City bus comes out in set 7641 City Corner.
  • The girl in this set is similar to the girls that come out in 3182 Airport and 3222 Helicopter and Limousine, just that in this set she has white legs.
  • The sports car included in this set is very similar to the one in 8402 Sports Car, but this one is yellow, has doors and has more details. This one is more similar to 3648 Police Chase's sports car.
  • This set is sold in the US as a Special Edition set at the LEGO Store and Toys R Us.
  • This is the the first set with a tram in it.
  • The tram is compatible with 9V train tracks.
  • The tram highly resembles the LYNX light rail in Charlotte, North Carolina, which uses Bombardier Flexity light rail vehicles, due to the route number on the front, route 55, the nose of the train, and the locations of the junctures.
  • The sweeper has the same sticker as the 7638 Tow Truck. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Catch the tram or hop the bus at the LEGO® City transport station!

A LEGO® fan choice, this transport station is packed with details and vehicles. Get out of town your way on 3 different platforms for 4 LEGO City vehicles. Shop the trackside kiosk. Keep the roads clear for cruising with the street sweeper then race away in the flashy yellow sports car.

  • Includes 6 minifigures: bus driver, tram driver, bicyclist, shop assistant, garbage truck driver and passenger
  • Also includes City bus, tram, street sweeper and sports car
  • 3 platforms for commuter vehicles
  • Open City bus roof to seat 6 passengers and 1 driver
  • Open tram doors to load passengers!
  • Compatible with LEGO train tracks
  • Tram measures 12.5” (32cm) and bus measures 9.5” (24cm)

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