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8424 Mater's Spy Zone is a Cars set released in May 2011.[1] The set includes Mater with spy gear and Holley Shiftwell.

LEGO.com Description

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Team up for a top-secret spy mission!

Holley Shiftwell and Mater are setting out on a super-secret spy mission. Help Holley to equip Mater with brand new spy gear before they set out for adventure! Complete the mission together and make it back to the spy lab safe and sound!

  • Includes Agent Mater and Holley Shiftwell
  • Agent Mater features jet packs
  • Holley Shiftwell includes holographic screen
  • Spy lab features spy computer, satellite dish, guns, 2 flick missiles and translucent elements
  • Fire the flick missiles!

Vehicles Included



  • This set reuses the machine guns from the Batman and Indiana Jones themes.


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