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8436 Truck is a TECHNIC set released in 2004. It resembles a six-wheeler heavy semi-truck with a modular truck bed, which can be used to attach one of the three buildable attachments(a claw, a wheel lift and a crane) . The truck features studless construction, rear differential, a rear wheel driven faux V-6 engine, as well as front wheel HOG (hand of god) steering with non-functional cab steering wheel. The faux engine is located directly under the cab, the cab itself can be flipped open to reveal the engine.

The set incorporates two medium third-generation Pneumatic cylinders, two pneumatic switches (3rd-Gen) and one second-generation pneumatic pump. The pneumatic componets are used to construct the three above-mentioned attachments, which can be easily attached/detached to the truck bed.

The set includes two instruction manuals, manual one is for the truck itself, and manual two is for the three attachments.

New/Unique Parts[]

  • Studless Technic Turntable - Item No. 48452cx1 (new)
Studless Technic Turntable 48452cx1

  • Technic 4 Pin Connector - Item No.48989 (new)
Technic 4 pin connector


This set has no traditional B model that requires parts from the main model; the three truck bed attachments are acting as alternative models in this case, as they can be constructed separately from the truck, however only one attachment may be build at a time.

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