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8455 Backhoe Loader is a TECHNIC set released in 2003. The set features a working backhoe loader made of 704 pieces and an advanced pneumatic circuit that enable it to function.


The set makes extensive use of pneumatics, using 10 pneumatic cylinders in total. These power the front loader, the backhoe and the stabilizers using a pneumatic circuit made of tubing that is divided into black and light gray colors, and must be cut to length. Air travels through valves and tube connects from the pumps to the cylinders. The set also includes a yellow rear bucket; this is the only set in which this element appears in any color other than black. The rear tyres made their first appearance in this set, and would next appear in the 2005 Racers set 8651 Jumping Giant, in which four are included. Otherwise, no new or unique parts are featured.

The main model closely mirrors the movements of an actual backhoe loader - using the pneumatics, the backhoe arm can rotate, yaw and move the bucket. Due to the number of cylinders used, the model is powered by two air pumps rather than the usual one; however, no air tank is included. The Backhoe Loader also features an inline 3-cylinder engine with moving pistons, and pendular steering for the front wheels controlled by a knob on top of the cab. When assembling the backhoe, the wheels are mounted before the vehicle is finished, a rare move for a TECHNIC set.

The alternate model is a front loader. This model, like the main model, uses two pumps to deliver the air pressure required to operate the front scoop. The most notable feature is an extendable arm on which the bucket is mounted; this and the bucket can be moved and retracted with the pumps. The steering is controlled by a knob on the top of the cab, and uses the wheels at the rear of the vehicle; these, unlike the main model, are placed with the larger wheels at the front and the smaller wheels at the back. There is no rear bucket.


  • This set has the most pneumatic parts (10 cylinders, 7 valves, 2 pumps) of any TECHNIC set.
  • 8455 was only sold for a short time, making it highly valued today.


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