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8457 Power Puller is a motorized TECHNIC set of a 'power' tractor and pulling sled. The tractor pulls a sled which becomes progressively more difficult to pull, mimicking the behavior of actual tractors in a tractor pulling event. As well as housing the elastic string that causes this effect, the trailer also carries a battery pack to power the motor. The set contains a total of 20 pistons and instructions for a number of different engine configurations. For example, the tractor can have five engines with four pistons each, or two engines with ten pistons each and so on. Although the set only comes with one electric motor, it comes with instructions for adding a second one. The model uses a flex system to steer the front wheels, which some find less effective than the traditional rod and gear systems.

The set also includes a short VHS video comparing the model to its real-life counterpart. The model is made in the image of Fox Team Larsen's tractors, a Danish team whom LEGO sponsored in 2000, and carries the team's traditional colours. The team carried the LEGO TECHNIC logo when they competed in the European Championship 2000 in Power Pulling, in which they came first in their class (4.5 ton modified).


  • The large rear tires and rims are exclusive to this set.
  • This set has the most motor blocks and pistons (20 each) of any set.

Fox Team Larsen in the 2000 European Championship

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