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8492 Mud Hopper is a Power Racers set released in 2008. The set contains the Mud Hopper, which is a green car with a pull-back motor, and a ramp.


The Mud Hopper is mainly built on it's dark stone grey pull-back motor. On this the back wheels are joined. Two 1x8x1 bricks with holes in them are connected onto the motor, which in turn connects onto some lime green pieces which hold the front wheels. Two lime green TECHNIC "armor" pieces are put at the side which slope upwards at the back. Some black engine pieces are placed near the front. A black glass piece with a sticker saying "YUBI" is near the middle, on top of a lime green section. Behind this are some more sloping pieces with words on them, and a black tail fin displaying "STREAMX" on the left, and "XSTREAM" on the right. The set also includes a ramp for jumping it off, which has stop sign, and "ROAD CLOSED" written on it.


  • The set can be combined with 8493 Red Ace to create a flame racer with monster jumping ramp.


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