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850423 Minifigure Presentation Boxes is a Storage set released in 2012. It includes one modernized Blue Classic Spaceman. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Build a mini display for 4 LEGO® minifigures!

Display your favorite LEGO® minifigures than with this ionic set of 4 display boxes built from LEGO bricks. This 89-piece set includes 1 prebuilt box and building instructions for the rest. Also includes a minifigure ready to display! Makes a great gift for LEGO minifigure collectors.

  • Features 1 prebuilt display box with minifigure and building instructions with

LEGO® bricks for 3 more boxes

  • Display your minifigures in buildable boxes!
  • Makes a great gift for LEGO minifigure collectors!
  • Each measure 2” (5cm) high and 1.5” (4cm) wide

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