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851318 Sir Fangar Claw & Shield is a Legends of Chima Play Wear & Weaponry set released in 2014. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Battle rival tribes with Sir Fangar’s Claw & Shield!

Defend and attack rival tribes with the LEGO® Chima™ Sir Fangar Claw & Shield! Made from soft foam, this awesome battle gear features Saber Tooth claws, tribal seal and a cool lenticular CHI orb design. This set makes a great gift for any fan of LEGO Chima.

  • Sword features a Saber Tooth tribe design on soft foam
  • Shield features a Saber Tooth tribe seal and lenticular CHI orb design on soft foam
  • Attack with the claw
  • Defend the precious CHI with the shield
  • Act out all of your LEGO® Chima™ adventures!
  • Makes a great gift for fans of LEGO® Chima™ play sets
  • Claw measures over 15” (40cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide
  • Shield measures over 15” (39cm) wide