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852119 Santa Magnet Set is a Seasonal Magnets set released in 2007. The set includes a magnet with Santa Claus, a tree, and a sleigh with presents.


The set has a white magnet on which joines a 10x2x1/3 white plate, with a small green tree on the right and a sleigh with several coloured presents on it. The presents are made of basic building bricks. A lantern built out of a 2x2 black 'dish' and a transparent yellow cylinder is also put on the baseplate. A Santa Claus minifigure with red legs, black hips piece, red torso and arms, yellow hands and marked head, red pirate hat, and a long white beard is also included. Also included are stickers with Christmas greetings in twelve different languages.


  • The set is still available in Toys R Us stores in the US at anytime, regardless of the date. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Happy Holidays on your fridge!
Celebrate the season with this holiday magnet set! Santa, a festive tree and more are ready to decorate your home, office, or any other metal surface. Makes a great gift!

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