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852132 Castle Tic Tac Toe is a Castle set released in 2007. It includes a hard box, a tic tac toe board, and ten minifigures: 5 Lead Generals and 5 Black Knight Skeletons.



The tic tac toe board is built on a dark grey baseplate with black flat bricks mapping out the squares. Each of these squares are 4x4 studs. The board is put inside a hard box in which the minifigures are also put.

Minifigures & Accessories

The set includes 10 minifigures, each with an accessory. Five Lead Generals are included for one of the players, each with their 3-piece armor and a silver sword. Five Black Knight Skeletons are included for the other player. Each of these skeleton has the typical 2-piece armor and a scythe.

Minifigures Included

Crown Knight2
Skeleton Black Knight
Lead General (5)Black Knight Skeleton (5)

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