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8523 Blaster Slizer is a Slizer/Throwbot set released in 2000.


Blaster consists of 89 pieces, his main colors being yellow and black. He carries two disks, one in his double throw-arm and one in his chest. He can be fused with 8521 Flare Slizer and 8522 Spark Slizer to create the combiner model Dynamo.


Blaster appeared after the Meteorite crashed into the Slizer Planet. Some say that 8505 Jungle/Amazon Slizer and 8504 Judge/Jet Slizer fused together and formed Blaster. This is because his head is half Judge and half Jungle. He has a Blaster - hence his name - and two disc launcher arms. Blaster then resided in the City continent and battled Millennium. This battle was called "The Battle of the Century" or "The Battle of the Big Bots." It is unknown who won that battle, because it was not revealed by LEGO. That battle was the last of the Storyline of the Slizers.


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