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852504 Magnet Set Indiana Jones is an Indiana Jones magnet set released in 2008 with eighteen pieces to assemble three magnetic minifigures being Indiana Jones, Professor Henry Jones Sr. and Marion Ravenwood. Several accessories are included: a map, a torch, a pistol, a whip and a shoulderbag.


The set includes three light sand magnet pieces and three minifigures: Indiana Jones with his shoulder-bag, whip, and a pistol, Professor Henry Jones Sr. with a map, and Marion Ravenwood with a torch made out of a dark brown torch holder, and a transparent dark orange flame. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Indiana Jones™ and friends are here to guard your fridge!

Adventure heroes Indiana Jones, Marion and Professor Henry Jones, Sr. have a new globe-trotting destination: your fridge! These authentic LEGO minifigures are fully-equipped with accessories and feature magnets to attach to metal surfaces.

  • Three LEGO minifigures of Indiana Jones, Marion and Professor Henry Jones, Sr. featuring magnets included!
  • Each character has an accessory!

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