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853165 LEGO Pharaoh's Quest Anubis Guard Key Chain is a Pharaoh's Quest Key Chains set released in January 2011. It includes an Anubis Guard in key chain form.


The Anubis Guards have black legs, printed with a gold and blue loincloth. Their chests are bare and are earth blue, with muscles printed on. They have black arms and hands. Their heads are large moulded pieces depicting the stylized jackal-head of the Egyptian god Anubis. A large chain is attached by means of a metal pike into his helmet. The chain is attached to a key chain ring. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Protect your keys and treasure with an ancient guardian!

Always be on your guard with the LEGO® Pharaoh’s Quest Anubis Guard at your side! Ward off your enemies with the power of this cursed defender of ancient treasure! A great gift for any LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest fan.

  • Includes authentic LEGO® Pharaoh’s Quest Anubis Guard minifigure on a sturdy metal ring and chain
  • Use as a backpack chain!
  • Makes a great gift!

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