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853358 Storage Mat is an exclusive Heroica set released in August 2011. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Store and play your LEGO® HEROICA™ world in collectible style!

HEROICA™ is a new series of exciting adventure games that can be played separately or combined into an even greater game experience! Every HEROICA game is a unique adventure to build and explore, with new heroes, monsters and treasure. It’s time to explore the world of HEROICA!

Store, play and connect your expandable world of adventure with the HEROICA Storage Mat. Take your HEROICA world to the next level with a collectible play mat to connect all of your HEROICA games into one epic adventure. Use the HEROICA map graphic to place the battles of Draida, Waldurk, Nathuz, Fortaan, Elsbuck, Seldaan and Barresh. Store the play mat and all of your HEROICA elements inside the collectible case! Includes exclusive elements.

  • Includes 17 elements, play mat and collectible storage case with vinyl snap locks and handle
  • The ultimate LEGO® HEROICA™ collector’s item
  • Play mat measures over 32” (81cm) long and 21” (53cm) wide


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