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853543 Ninjago Party Set is a Ninjago birthday party accessory set, including 5 shuriken stickers, 5 disk shooter stands, and 5 masks. The colours and designs of the masks and shurikens each fit Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane and Lloyd Garmadon.


The set features 5 masks, disk shooters and shuriken stickers. The masks are red, blue, white, black, and green, and so are the shurikens. The disk shooters look like ancient Japanese style pagoda tops, and look exactly the same. The masks each have the same eyes, but different colours and eyebrows. Zane's (white) has normal thick eyebrows, Jay's (blue) has a singed right eyebrow, Cole's (black) has bushy eyebrows, Lloyd's (green) has normal lighter eyebrows, and Kai's (red) has a singed left eyebrow. The shuriken stickers are different too. One has orange beams exploding outwards (Kai's), one has blocks of ice expanding outwards (Jay's), one has storm clouds and lightning (Jay's), one has a green whirlwind (Lloyd's), and one has a brownish background (Cole's).

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