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8538 Muaka & Kane-Ra is a BIONICLE set released in 2001. It contains a Muaka and a Kane-Ra, two Rahi. It contains 647 pieces, and is recommended for ages 9+.


Muaka, the tiger Rahi, is yellow and black. When you squeeze its neck, its head launches forward, its mouth snaps shut quickly, then its head retracts. It drives around on a set of treads, and features a pair of sharp, yellow claws. It has two masks attached to its arms. If either of these masks if pulled off, along with the axle which is it attached to, the arm will fall off.

Kane-Ra, the bull Rahi, is red and black. It has similar features to Muaka. The only real differences, aside from the different colour scheme, are the horns on its head and hooves on its feet. The two models could be combined to make a Kuma-Nui.


Muaka is a Rahi tiger, and Kane-Ra is a Rahi bull in the BIONICLE storyline. They were controlled by infected Hau Masks, and when those masks were removed they became docile. They both attacked Matoran villages when wearing infected masks. These masks are very rare and valuable.


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