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8560 Pahrak is a LEGO BIONICLE set released in 2002. It contains the Stone Bohrok, Pahrak, and a Dark Green Krana.

The set can be rebuilt into a Waikiru. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

The power of the earth!

The Pahrak are the most unrelenting of the Bohrok, never giving up until their destructive work is done. Their shields have the power to set off earthquakes, and they can move massive boulders with their bare hands. No matter what the obstacle, Pahrak can reduce it to rubble! But if you remove their krana, the Pahrak can be tamed!


The Pahrak very rarely get angry, but if they do, you’d better look out! Once they decide to tackle a problem, they won’t quit until it is solved.

They do not mind ignoring outsiders until it becomes clear that they must defend themselves. When they do, they advance slowly but surely towards the nuisance -- nothing will deter them. However, after an attack they will usually return to their mission quickly. To stop a marching swarm you have to chip away at the column, little by little.


  • Pushing the lever on its back will cause its head to spring forward.
  • Like the other Bohrok, it can roll itself into a ball.
  • Like the other Bohrok, it can hang from the canister top.
  • Oddly, the BIONICLE Encyclopedia and BIONICLE Chronicles: Beware the Bohrok states that the Pahrak is able to shoot ice from its shield, despite this not being listed as its element in the other media.


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