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8631 Mission 1: Jetpack Pursuit is an Agents set that was released in 2008. It includes two minifigures, Agent Chase and Saw Fist.


The set includes a jetpack for Agent Chase and a snowmobile for Saw Fist. The snowmobile has two skids out the front and treads at the back. The red crystal is inside a glass protection case, and the case and its stand can be lifted off with the hook on Chase's jetpack. Chase has two handheld guns which have cords leading to the back of his jetpack.


Saw Fist has stolen a valuable crystal, and is making his getaway on a heavily-armed snowmobile, followed closely by Agent Chase wearing his jet-powered helipack. The snow sled is armed with dual machine guns and a side-mounted laser cannon, while Agent Chase's jetpack includes energy blasters and a hook for sntaching the crystal away.

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The mission begins!

Dr. Inferno's evil henchman Saw Fist has stolen an energy crystal and is escaping through the mountains on his armed and dangerous snow mobile! It's up to the LEGO Agent to catch the criminal using his top secret jet-powered heli-pack and grappling line. Get that crystal back, no matter the odds!

  • Includes Agent Chase and Saw Fist minifigures!
  • Jetpack has spinning rotor and hook to grab the crystal!
  • Snow mobile has a moving high-speed tread!
  • Snow mobile measures 5" (13cm) long!

Minifigures included


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