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8636 Deep Sea Quest is a LEGO Agents set released in 2008. The set included an Agents submarine and Dr. Inferno's boat. Both vehicles have their own miniature submarines. It comes with four minifigures, and an octopus. The minifigures are Break Jaw, Slime Face, Agent Charge and Agent Chase.


The set includes multiple water vehicles. The biggest is the main submarine. The Agent's sub has several features including an opening missile bay holding four flick-fire missiles, an opening front to store a treasure in, and a detachable miniature sub. The driver of the submarine is able to go inside the submarine cab via an opening and closing windshield on the front. The driver is able to drive it from right behind the glass. On the top of the cab is a periscope, allowing the driver to see what's above the surface right before coming up. The submarine is mainly driven by two propellers on the mid part of the body.

The miniature submarine that detaches from the large one is driven by a single propeller located in the front center of the submarine. The sub has two small guns on the top. Other than that, it has no other defense. The diver is pulled by the submarine by holding onto two handles located on the back.

Dr. Inferno's boat is the second largest vehicle in the set. It features a spring powered missile, and four flick-fire missiles. It also includes several small details such as a rotatable light on top of the cabin, an antenna, motors on the back, and barb wire on the front

The smallest of the vehicles is Dr. Inferno's mini-sub. It has two grabber arms on the front to grab treasures. It is driven by Slime-Face.

The set also includes an exclusive glow-in-the-dark octopus and a treasure chest with a variety of LEGO crystals.


Dr. Inferno's henchmen Slime Face and Break Jaw are attempting to steal a sunken treasure. The Agent's job is to get there first and recover the treasure before the henchmen are able to.


  • This set was actually released about five months after the other six missions were released, along with 8637 Mission 8: Volcano Base.
  • In one of the 2008 LEGO Magazines, this set was featured as "Find The Differences" on two pages, to find the changes between the both. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Dive under the sea on a top-secret mission!

When danger threatens in the ocean depths, it's up to the LEGO Agents to save the day! The mission is to stop Dr. Inferno's henchmen Slime Face and Break Jaw from recovering the sunken treasure. Get there first in the tactical operations sub and use the detachable scuba jet and grappling hook to complete the mission -- but watch out for the glowing deep-sea octopus and the enemy boat's rocket and torpedo launchers!

  • Includes Agent Chase, Agent Charge, Break Jaw and Slime Face minifigures!
  • Watch out for the glow-in-the-dark octopus!
  • Launch the boat's underwater rocket shooter and the flick-fire torpedo launchers! *Detach the scuba jet for more underwater adventure!
  • Hide the treasure chest in the sub's secret storage hold!
  • Lift the front of the submarine to reveal hidden missiles!
  • Open the sub's cockpit and put Agent Charge at the controls!
  • Submarine measures 16" (41cm) long and 4'½" (11cm) wide!
  • Henchmen's boat measures 9" (23cm) long and 4" (10cm) wide!

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