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8637 Volcano Base is a Agents themed set released in 2008.


This set includes Agent Chase, Agent Trace and Agent Fuse. Also included is Dr. Inferno and two henchmen: Claw-Dette and Fire Arm. The complete set comes with the volcano base made by Dr. Inferno's crew, customized with a giant laser cannon included in Dr. Inferno's evil plan alongside with destroying Agent Fuse by dropping him in the lava . The volcano base has many orange transparent roof plates to represent lava floating down the base.


Mission: This is Mission 8. Agent Fuse is sent on a solo mission to steal secret data from Dr. Inferno's base. However, he gets captured by the two henchmen. Now the Agents have to rescue Agent Fuse from the lava before it is too late, and it is also necessary to stop Dr. Inferno before he unleashes the gigantic Laser Cannon. Status: Emergency.

Minifigures included[] Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Operation: Infiltrate the Volcano Base!
The LEGO Agents have finally located Dr. Inferno’s hidden lair, built deep in the heart of a raging volcano. Now it’s up to the LEGO Agents team to get there in the high-tech turbocopter with capture net, get past the high-security defenses using the lava pit monorail, and take out the giant laser cannon before Inferno unleashes its power on the entire world! This mission is top-priority and time is running out, but beware: you’ll have to defeat Fire Arm and Claw-Dette before you face Dr. Inferno himself!

  • Includes Agent Chase, Agent Trace and Agent Fuse minifigures!
  • Also includes Dr. Inferno, Fire Arm and Claw-Dette minifigures!
  • Drop the net from the turbocopter!
  • Help save Agent Fuse from the lavapit!
  • Volcano Base has a rotating laser cannon, satellite, control room and front doors that open!
  • Volcano Base stands 8" (20cm) high and opens 15" (38cm) wide! This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Status: Emergency.
Update: Dr. Inferno is trying to take over the world from his volcano base using his gigantic laser canon. Your Task: Locate the base using the Agent helicopter, then infiltrate and deactivate the laser canon before Dr. Inferno can fire it! Alert: Watch out for Dr. Inferno’s newest henchmen, Fire Arm and Claw-dette!


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