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8648 Buzz Saw is a Power Racers-themed set released in the year of 2005. The set contains 76 pieces and includes no minifigures.


The Buzz Saw vehicle has two front-mounted circular metallic silver sawblades, and glow-in-the-dark wheel disks that fit into the wheel hubs. A pull-back motor propels the vehicle if it is pulled backwards and released.

The body of the vehicle is mounted primarily on the pull-back motor piece, and features elements new to 2005, such as the metallic silver engine block and sloped bricks. The majority of these are black, and orange and red pieces are also used.

Stickers featuring checkered flag and flame graphics complete the visual appeal of the racer; the windshield-mounted example features the number 96. The Buzz Saw is outfitted with a "wheelie" function that can be achieved if the handle at the rear of the racer is held while releasing the pull-back motor.



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