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8698 Vultraz is a BIONICLE set released in July 2008. It contains Vultraz and his skyfighter armed with a Midak Skyblaster that shoots shadow blasts. In the BIONICLE universe, he was the second Matoran to be corrupted and to become a Shadow Matoran, though unlike most of the others he was already villainous before being subjected to the process. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Enemy of the Toa!

Mounted on his ultra-fast skyfighter, the evil Vultraz fires devastating bolts of shadow from its front-mounted blaster. Can the Toa Nuva survive his sudden strikes, or will he bring their mission in Karda Nui to a crushing end?

  • Front-mounted Skyblaster really fires!
  • Vultraz stands 5"" (13cm) tall!
  • Skyfighter is 14"" (36cm) long and 10"" (25cm) wide!


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