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8700 Power Pack is a TECHNIC supplementary set released in 1982. It contains a C-cell battery box, electric cables, a 4.5 volt electric motor and some basic TECHNIC parts to help add the motor to an existing set.

The successor to this set is 8720 9V Motor Set.


  • The motor itself is essentially the same one used in the predecessor set - 870 Technical Motor, 4.5V - the main difference being the use of the three pin plug in place of the previous two pin version, the central non-conducting pin was introduced to improve the reliability of the connection.
  • Although rated at 4.5V, the motor can tolerate a certain amount of overdriving up to 12V (using a 7864 transformer) but it will eventually fail. The mode of failure is the shaft will overheat and melt the plastic axle, causing it to break.

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