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8706 Karzon is a Knights' Kingdom II set released in 2006.

Karzon is one of Vladek's two lieutenants. He carries a shield and a flail. His symbol is a snake and his colours are blue, black and copper.

This set is one of the Action Figures made for 2006, and is assembled in various parts like the others. Such various parts are the head (which is always different for the face printing for every character), body (which has cogs on the back, some being different amounts for each figure, and the cogs joint to the arms to move the arms when pressing down or up on the cog), hands, legs and feet.

His shield, body and head/helmet are unique to him only.


  • There are several differences between the minifigure and the action figure of Karzon:
    • The minifigure Karzon has a helmet where that covers the cheeks and forehead, while the action figure helmet covers his entire face.
    • The minifigure Karzon's face seems to be yelling, while the action figure's face is a scowl
    • The minifigure's eyes are normal, while the action figure appears to have a glass eye with a scar. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Beware his schemes!

Karzon is the sneaky Rogue Knight of the Snake, and a master of weapons and deadly traps. This cunning warrior knows every trick in the book, and he's not afraid to use them to win. With his Rogue iron armor and swinging-action spiked flail, he's a match for any knight! NEW Collectable Karzon metal can! Swing the spiked flail!

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