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8732 Toa Matoro is a BIONICLE set released in 2006. He is one of the six Toa Inika. This is Matoro's second appearance in a set, (the third being a McDonalds Happy Meal toy). It contains Matoro, his Energized Ice Sword that lights up, and a Zamor Sphere launcher. In the BIONICLE storyline he was a Toa of Ice. He wore the Iden, the Great Mask of Spirit. He was transformed into a Toa by a bolt of lightning from the Red Star. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

A blizzard of ice!

A blast of frigid air … a blizzard of ice … Toa Inika Matoro has arrived! The Toa Inika of Ice combines his elemental cold power with pure lightning to stop the Piraka. He carries an energized ice sword, a zamor sphere launcher, and wears the Kanohi Iden, the Mask of Spirit.

  • Includes a zamor sphere launcher!
  • Energy sword lights up with a strobe effect!


  • Pushing hard on the piece near the rubber piece will launch a sphere.
  • Pushing a button on his sword will cause it to light up.


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