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8744 Visorak Oohnorak is a BIONICLE set released in 2005. It contains an Oohnorak, a breed of Visorak. It has 48 pieces.


The Oohnorak was released as a canister-size set in the winter of 2005 in Europe, and in the summer of 2005 for North America. It contained 48 pieces, including a Rhotuka and Rhotuka launcher. Parts from the set could combine with pieces from Vohtarak to build a Gate Guardian, with Vohtarak and Keelerak to make a Parakrekks, and it could also be combined with the other five Visorak sets to make the Zivon.

A mini Oohnorak piece blended from glow-in-the-dark and black plastic was included in each of the 2005 playsets (Visorak Battle Ram, Tower of Toa, Battle of Metru Nui, and the non-canon Visorak's Gate). The front of its body featured unique mandibles and a clip fixed between the two allowing it to hook onto Visorak webbing pieces also included in the set.


The Oohnorak are a species of Visorak. They are not leaders, but followers, and great numbers of them were often used as a living ram when mechanical Visorak Battle Rams were unavailable. Oohnorak, however, aren't stupid. While their Rhotuka power isn't very aggressive, having the power to numb a foe so they can't escape, they also have the powers of mimicry and limited telepathy: Oohnorak can telepathically read the mind of a target, then mimic the voice of their target's companion, luring them into a trap.

Like all Visorak, they possess natural Rhotuka Launchers that fire spinners with the power to numb a foe, making escape impossible. A horde of Oohnorak once mimicked the voice of Nokama in distress, tricking Toa Hordika Matau into opening the door to an Airship hangar. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Master of deception!

While the numbing power of its Rhotuka spinner is effective against foes, the Oohnorak's true power lies in its trickery. Using limited telepathy and a talent for mimicry, Oohnorak can duplicate the voices of trusted friends and lure an enemy into a trap.

  • Includes building instructions to combine with #8742 Vohtarak to make Gate Guardian!
  • Rhotuka spinner launches up to 50 feet/15 metres!
  • Visorak measures over 7 inches/17 cm wide by 5 inches/12 cm long!
  • Jaws snap shut!


  • Oohnorak is the physically smallest Visorak, setwise.
  • Pulling the ripcord out of the launcher quickly will launch the spinner.
  • Pressing down on its carapace will open and close it's pincers.
  • The Oohnorak is the equivalent of a stone Visorak.


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