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8745 Visorak Roporak is a BIONICLE set released in early 2005 in Europe. It contains a Roporak, a breed of Visorak.


Roporak was released along with the other five Visorak in the spring of 2005 for European countries, and in the fall for North America. It contains 48 pieces, including a Rhotuka and Rhotuka launcher. Parts from the set could be combined with parts from 8746 Keelerak to make a Chute Lurker, with 8747 Suukorak and 8743 Boggarak to make a Venom Flyer, and the other five Visorak sets to make the Zivon.

A mini Roporak figure was included in the Battle of Metru Nui, Visorak Battle Ram, Tower of Toa, and Visorak's Gate playsets of 2005, all canon except the last of the four. Blended from black and glow-in-the-dark plastic, it featured mandibles distinct from those of the other mini Visorak pieces. A clip between the mandibles allowed it to attach to Visorak webbing pieces included in all four sets.


The Roporak are a species of Visorak, and are best suited for underground hunts and chases. They are able to change colours and camouflage into their background. They prefer to work underground, but are often positioned at high points, blending in with their backgrounds to spy on others. Roporak use this power to wait until their foe has been weakened, then they intercept, spitting webbing and firing their disrupting Rhotuka, which causes a form of "power outage" in their targets. Roporak can fire their spinners the furthest of all the Visorak breeds. It seems that Roporak prefer Roodaka over Sidorak, as they think she will help them rebel.

The Roporak were commanded by Vakama to disband and leave Metru Nui after the Great Cataclysm, and are now scattered across the Matoran Universe. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Hidden and dangerous!

Roporak are the master spies of the Visorak horde, using their chameleon power to blend in with their surroundings. Their disrupter spinners drain energy from a target, making capture that much easier.

  • Includes building instructions to combine with #8746 Keelerak to make Chute Lurker!
  • Rhotuka spinner launches up to 50 feet/15 metres!
  • Visorak measures over 7 inches/17 cm wide by 5 inches/12 cm long!
  • Jaws snap shut!


  • Pulling the ripcord out of the launcher quickly will launch the spinner.
  • Pressing down on its carapace will open and close it's pincers.
  • The Roporak is the equivalent of an earth Visorak.


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