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8764 Vezon and Fenrakk is a BIONICLE set which was released in 2006 as a Titan set. It features Vezon, the seventh Piraka, and his "steed", the spider-like Fenrakk.


8764 Vezon and Fenrakk comes with the Piraka Vezon; unlike the other Piraka released, he does not have a rubber spine, but a version of the Kanohi Ignika on the back of his head. Vezon can be attached to Fenrakk with a chain. The Fenrakk spider has four legs, a tail, and a big mouth with teeth in it, which can be opened and closed. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Challenge the curse of Fenrakk!

Brought to life by a horrible accident, the seventh Piraka called Vezon dared to try and steal the Mask of Life for himself. But the mask cursed him to be fused to the monstrous spider Fenrakk and serve as a new guardian of the ancient artifact. Now the mad Vezon and his terrifying steed wait for anyone brave enough – or foolish enough – to try to steal the mask!

  • Vezon comes with the Spear of Fusion and a flip-mask, one side of which is the first-ever version of the Mask of Life!
  • Vezon's eye light up and his teeth glow in the dark!
  • Beware of Fenrakk's massive, chomping jaws!


Vezon was created in an accident with the Spear of Fusion, when Hakann "accidentally" set it off in reverse on Vezok. This unnatural creation caused Vezon to lack the spine of a true Skakdi, Elemental Powers, and his sanity. Although Vezok became desperate to re-fuse with Vezon, the seventh Piraka betrayed the others after finding out about the Kanohi Ignika, stealing the Spear of Fusion and going to Voya Nui in a canister Teridax obtained from an Order of Mata Nui member.

Voya Nui

When he arrived on Voya Nui, he discovered the secret staircase leading to the Ignika. Upon arriving in the Chamber of Life, Vezon attempted to take the mask, but was instead cursed by it: he was fused to an enlarged spider Rahi, a Fenrakk, and the mask fused itself to Vezon's head. Vezon remained in the chamber for the next few weeks, toying with the Spear of Fusion and waiting for his quarry to arrive.

When the Piraka came to the Chamber of Life, they were shocked that Vezon had become one of the mask's guardians. They demanded that he deliver it to them, to which he agreed if they killed Vezok in exchange, in order to prevent the risk of being fused back together. The Piraka thus attempted to kill Vezok, who stopped them using his capability of borrowing others' powers. Vezon then used the Spear to fuse together Vezok and Reidak together into the Piraka Fusion to fight the other Piraka.

When the Toa Inika arrived in the chamber, Vezon defused Reidak and Vezok, who fell unconscious. The Toa attacked Vezon, who resisted the majority of their attacks due to his ability to absorb kinetic energy. After being driven towards the edge, Vezon chose to urge his steed into the lava. He emerged riding the powerful Kardas Dragon, which the Mask of Life had transformed Fenrakk into. Kardas' raw power overwhelmed the Toa, forcing them into a defensive position. Vezon was defeated when Jaller used a Zamor sphere given to him by Axonn, suspending Vezon and Kardas in a stasis field, allowing Matoro to take the Ignika from him.

Abilities, Traits, and Tools

As a result of his creation, Vezon had no unique powers of his own. Although he was a great tactician, he was also insane.

The Kanohi Ignika granted Vezon a variety of powers as a guardian to make up for his lack of them, including the ability to see into the future (albeit not very far), and the power to absorb kinetic energy, giving him tremendous strength. Wearing the Kanohi Ignika granted him the mental discipline to use great Kanohi masks, unlike most Skakdi. After the Ignika was taken by the Toa Inika, all of the powers granted to him by the Mask of Life disappeared, rendering him powerless. Vezon frequently forgot this fact.

Vezon wielded the Spear of Fusion, which could merge beings together or split them apart (not counting Vezon and Fenrakk, as they were fused by the power of the Kanohi Ignika). After they were unfused, Reidak snapped the Spear into several pieces. Although Vezon repaired the Spear using its own power, Jaller finally destroyed the weapon.


After making his way to the Chamber of Life, the insane Piraka Vezon attempted to steal the Kanohi Ignika. Upon touching it, he became cursed by its power. A Fenrakk spider was enlarged as a result of the curse and fought Vezon. Soon, the Mask of Life fused Vezon to the spider, creating two new guardians for itself. The enlarged Fenrakk gained Vezon's new power of absorbing kinetic energy, and the two waited for someone to claim the Ignika.

Soon the Piraka arrived to attempt to take the Ignika for themselves, but stopped short upon encountering their former ally and his vicious arachnid counterpart. Vezon defeated them easily, transforming Vezok and Reidak into a hulking combination of the two which dispatched the other four.

The Toa Inika soon burst into the chamber as well, just in time to see Vezon defuse the beast, rendering all the Piraka incapacitated. Fenrakk charged the Toa, engaging them in combat. During the battle, Vezon showed off their shared ability to absorb kinetic force by slamming Fenrakk repeatedly with a rock. The Inika managed to gain an edge in battle, but Fenrakk tapped his foot repeatedly on the ground, recovering his wounds. While fighting, Jaller attempted to force Vezon and his mount back towards lava, in order to get them to surrender. Much to the Toa's surprise, Vezon instead willingly urged his steed into the lava, where the Ignika transformed the enlarged Fenrakk into the Kardas Dragon.

Abilities and Traits

All Fenrakk Spiders (including Fenrakk Spawn) have great strength and acidic saliva.

The enlarged Fenrakk also shared Vezon's ability to absorb kinetic force. In addition, while Vezon was in possession of the Mask of Life, this Fenrakk would come back in a stronger form each time he was defeated, as he did during his transformation into Kardas.


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