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8771 Jayko is a Knights' Kingdom II set released in 2004. The set is identical to 8783 Jayko, exept for the fact that this set doesn't include any game cards.


Jayko has a blue body with extra bricks at his chest. He has dark grey upper limbs, and light blue lower ones with light blue amour on them all. He has light blue feet. Jayko has a dark grey head with printings on it, and an unmarked light blue visor. He carries a golden sword and a shield with an eagle emblem on it. This is connected onto his hand by a dark grey piece.


In the first part of Knights' Kingdom II, Jayko, a rookie knight gifted with incredible speed, was on a mission to get the Heart of the Shield of Ages with three other knights to retake the kingdom of Morcia. After retrieving the weapon, he jousted with Vladek in a tournament, resulting with Jayko winning by using the Heart of the Shield.

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