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8777 Vladek Encounter is a Knights' Kingdom II set released in 2004. This set contains a catapult, a horse, Sir Danju and Lord Vladek.


The set includes two minifigures: Sir Danju and Lord Vladek. Danju has a sword and a shield, and Vladek has a red sword and a black lance. The set contains three small dark grey pieces which can be fired by the catapult. On the sides of the catapult are hooks that shields can be connected onto. Vladek's horse came with a black 2x1 and a flat 2x1x1/3 to fill up the gap in the horse when he was not riding it.


After retrieving the Heart of the Shield of Ages from the 8780 Citadel of Orlan, the four knights returned to the Castle of Morcia. On the way, Vladek attacked them, and Danju defeated him using a small catapult. This fight was not shown in the online comics.


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