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8786 Vladek is a Knights' Kingdom II set released in 2004. It comes with Vladek, his sword, and his shield. It also contains three game cards.


Vladek's legs are black and red, made of three parts. The legs are armored with black slopes. His torso is black, with red printing for accents, and further black slopes used as a breastplate. His arms are made of two pieces, grey arm sections, and black hands. In one hand he carries a red sword and in the other a black and red shield. His face is yellow and he wears a spiked black mask over it.


In the world of Knights' Kingdom, he kidnapped King Mathias and placed him in the dungeon. He also turned many good knights into Shadow Knights.


  • This set is identical to 8774 Vladek, except that this set was released in the US and included three game cards.
  • Vladek's visor has not appeared in any other colors.


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