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88002 Power Functions Train Motor is a TECHNIC set released in 2011. This motor is recommended for motorising train sets such as 10219 Maersk Container Train and 10233 Horizon Express. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

Power down the tracks!
Send your train roaring down the track! Lay out your tracks, then add this LEGO® Power Functions Train Motor to your train engine, combined with the required parts, and you’re ready to roll!

  • Includes wheels and cross axles
  • Use with #8878 LEGO® Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box to have on-train speed control
  • Requires #8878 LEGO Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box or #8881 LEGO Power Functions Battery Box
  • May be used to motorize #4841 Hogwart’s Express or #7597 Western Train Chase
  • Use with #8884 LEGO Power Functions IR Receiver and #8879 LEGO Power Functions IR Speed remote control to build a remote controlled train

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