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8831 Minifigures Series 7 is the seventh series of Collectable Minifigures. It was released in May 2012.[1] As with all the other series, this one has minifigures based on television, movies, video games, and townspeople that cannot be found in regular sets.


  • This Minifigures series has a gender ratio of 5:11.
  • This series introduced sixteen new parts and used ten from previous series.
  • The colour for the bag for this series is scarlet red.
  • This series has the most printing on any other minifigure series.
  • As with Series 3 through 6, the polybags are bump coded, meaning that the bottoms of the bags have a series of bumps that form patterns. Each minifigure has its own unique code, which helps collectors figure out what minifigure is in each bag.[2]

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