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8864 Desert of Destruction was released in June 2010 as part of the World Racers theme. It contains two cars and a truck, as well as eight minifigures. A desert racing vehicle for each team is included.

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Which team will eat the dust in this desert Grand Prix?

The X-treme Daredevils and Backyard Blasters will stop at nothing to win the hottest leg of the the World Race! The Backyard Blasters desert rally racer takes the lead and plans to keep it with its’ massive cannon. But close on its’ heels are the X-treme Daredevils team truck. Watch out...when the back opens to unload the desert buggy racer, the X-treme Daredevils will start blasting away the flick-firing missiles!

  • Includes 8 minifigures: 5 X-treme Daredevils: REX-treme, DEX-treme, MAX-treme and 2 crewmembers; 2 Backyard Blasters: Bart Blaster and Bubba Blaster; 1 race official
  • Features checkered racing flag, trophy, winner’s platform and more
  • X-treme Daredevils team truck measures over 21" (53cm) long
  • Backyard Blasters rally racer measures over 6" (15cm) long

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