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8893 Lava Chamber Gate is a BIONICLE Playset released in 2006.


This set contains eight (unlike the 2005 Playsets) fully articulate minifigures of Inika Nuparu, Matoro, Hahli, Hewkii, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan and Avak. The Lava Chamber Gate is made out of two Towers and a bridge in the middle. The bridge can be collapsed if a panel on top of each tower will be pressed. The set also comes with four surfboards, three reloading Zamor Launchers (of which two are mounted on surfboards and fire blue Zamor Spheres, and one, which is fitted on one tower and fires Green Zamor Spheres), and a small catapult that fires green Zamor Spheres. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Storm the Lava Chamber Gate!

The Lava Chamber Gate stands between the Toa Inika and the Mask of Life – but the Piraka got there first! The Toa must use zamor sphere launchers to try and hit the shields and bring the drawbridge crashing down. If they fail, the Piraka will steal the mask!

  • Includes 4 mini Toa Inika and 4 mini Piraka figures.
  • All-new mini Toa and Piraka have cool masks & moving parts!
  • Toa lava boards include zamor sphere launchers!
  • Press the button to launch the tower catapult!
  • Other tower features rapid-fire zamor sphere launcher!
  • Includes 4 green and 6 blue zamor spheres!

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