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8901 Hakann is a BIONICLE set released in early 2006. The set includes the Piraka known as Hakann. He was once part of the Dark Hunters organization. He is a master of double and triple-crossing his fellows and is known as "The Bully". After leaving the Dark Hunters, Hakann went with the other Piraka to Voya Nui for the Kanohi Ignika, the mask of life. Pressing hard on the rubber piece on his launcher will launch a Zamor sphere. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Treacherous raider!

Enemies of Hakann never know just how he will defeat them - with heat vision, lava launcher, or devastating mental blasts. Hated by the other Piraka for his constant scheming, Hakann plans to eliminate them all and steal the Mask of Life for himself.

  • Includes zamor spheres and launcher!
  • Piraka eyes light up and teeth glow in the dark!


  • Hakann's species is Skakdi.




Piraka Hakann

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